Welcome to Seaton Hall Residential Home, on the sea front in Seaton Carew, Hartlepool!

While complying with all modern requirements for residential and dementia care accommodation, our home in Seaton Carew Hartlepool, believes above all in traditional values for enhancing the quality of life for the elderly in our care.


Our superb location on the coast facing the North Sea, helps to create a sense of calm relaxation enjoyed by residents, staff and visitors alike. The constantly changing sea views are stunning and provide an entertaining means of passing those quiet moments away.


Our specially adapted interiors and exteriors, friendly staff and family-based atmosphere encourage the residents to relax and enjoy their stay. Above all, we are firmly committed to making everyone who stays with us, feel completely at home.


Our staff are trained in, and have experience of, caring for residents with differing forms of dementia and its associated varying behaviour patterns. Consequently, the care is delivered with knowledge of the condition and in the best interests of the resident. 


Find out more about our home and our services.

About our home

Our home is designed wholly around the needs of elderly people. That's why we give emphasis to the twin qualities of respect and independance.

Our home


Our services: care and support

From providing basic daily support to going beyond the guidelines, our home is driven by the individual needs of our residents including those living with dementia or any other elderly mentally infirmed (EMI) condition.

Our services


Seaton Hall Residential Home
10 The Green

Seaton Carew


TS25 1AS


Any questions?

Please call our Manager for further information about our care options:


Mrs. Wendy Dick

Tel:  01429 260095

Fax: 01429 263318

E-Mail: seatonhall@yahoo.co.uk


Alternatively, you can use our contact form.


Coastal Location

Being on the Sea Front, we are able to enjoy the calming influence of the North Sea, completely unobstructed from within our Lounge area.

Indeed, we also have rooms available that provide miles of North Sea View.


General Information

In addition to the long established, high quality Residential Care currently available, we also provide care and accomodation for the Elderly Mentally Infirmed (EMI) in particular, for anyone living with dementia.



Music Evenings

We often invite entertainers and musicians to our home, details can be found in our News section.


Friends and family are very welcome to all of our events.

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