Statement of Purpose



Here at Seaton Hall we aim to recognise each person as an individual and to anticipate and fulfill their needs as such.


We will give all possible help and support to each person to adapt to the change in circumstances and new environment, such help extending to families if needed.


In a warm and homely environment, our team of dedicated staff will strive to achieve optimum independence, encouraging the person to play an active part in the planning of their care.


Should a person become terminally ill whilst in out care, we will strive to meet individual needs with a view to preserving independence for as long as possible and to promote a peaceful and dignified death. We will offer compassionate support to the relatives and friends of the bereaved.


All aspects of privacy, choice fulfillment and dignity will be strictly observed and followed.


Individual’s rights will never be compromised.





Seaton Hall strives to meet the needs of each individual. It is recognised that peoples needs will change and we ensure the promotion of rights and choices of each person are not compromised when planning. Each person will be involved (as far as possible) in the planning of their care, with each person being allocated a named key worker who is responsible for ensuring needs are met.


At all times we will promote individuality and preserve dignity.


We offer support to families /relatives should they wish to be involved.


We incorporate research findings and other appropriate changes whenever necessary and continually strive to maintain and improve standards by ensuring that all staff receive appropriate training.


People are encouraged to make decisions on factors affecting the home and to make their own choices on furnishings and décor in their individual rooms.


Seaton Hall is an Equal Opportunities Employer and promotes anti-discriminatory practice.


A contract of residency is issued to all people following the four week trial period which includes details of the complaints procedure.

There are no restrictions on visiting and visitors are welcome to join us for meals and social activities.


We welcome suggestions for improvement to the home and thrive on constructive criticism.



Code of Ethics for Residential Aged Care


All the management and staff at Seaton Hall RH recognise the need for the protection of fundamental human values in the context of the common good of all who deliver and receive residential care services.


All the management and staff at Seaton Hall RH recognise that these fundamental human values derive from the inherent dignity of the human individual


In accordance with our expertise and in the context of our relationship with residents, we commit ourselves to protect the following rights of our residents:


1.         The right of individuals to be treated with                        respect

2.         The rights of the individual to life, liberty, and                  security

3.         The right of individuals to have their religious                  and cultural identity respected

4.         The right of competent individuals to self-                      determination

5.         The right to an appropriate standard of care to              meet individual needs

6.         The right to privacy and confidentiality

7.         The recognition that human beings are social                  beings with social needs


And we will protect these rights no matter how frail, physically or mentally disabled, or financially, socially or psychologically vulnerable, the resident may be.


We further recognise that all staff and management at Seaton Hall RH have the same fundamental human rights, which carry with them the duties; and obligations set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC)





Seaton Hall Residential Home
10 The Green

Seaton Carew


TS25 1AS


Any questions?

Please call our Manager for further information about our care options:


Mrs. Wendy Dick

Tel:  01429 260095

Fax: 01429 263318



Alternatively, you can use our contact form.


Coastal Location

Being on the Sea Front, we are able to enjoy the calming influence of the North Sea, completely unobstructed from within our Lounge area.

Indeed, we also have rooms available that provide miles of North Sea View.


General Information

In addition to the long established, high quality Residential Care currently available, we also provide care and accomodation for the Elderly Mentally Infirmed (EMI) in particular, for anyone living with dementia.



Music Evenings

We often invite entertainers and musicians to our home, details can be found in our News section.


Friends and family are very welcome to all of our events.

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