Activities at Seaton Hall

Leisure activities are important because they help to provide stimulation, interest and social awareness through an organised leisure program. The program is flexible in design, it varies in response to residents preferences.


A specialist Activities Co-ordinator supported by care staff, organise and take part in activities such as bingo, card games, domino's, sing along, clothes parties, barbeques, chair aerobics or gentle exercises and craft.

When required, arrangements are made for staff to accompany residents’ for walks along the promenade, the park and visit the local shopping center. There are also less formally arranged pastimes such as books, newspapers and puzzles.


Professional Mobility coordinators provide exercise and movement sessions that are specifically adapted for the elderly. A Professional hairdresser visits weekly, encouraging residents to take pride in their appearance, manacures and massage are performed on request.

Management and Staff at Seaton Hall encourage family, friends and representatives of residents to visit frequently. Visitors are allowed to see their relatives/friends in the privacy of their own rooms if they wish or in any communal part of the home at any time.

We also encourage families to take their relatives out whenever possible. Those residents who show a preference for outdoor activities can enjoy trips where they can dance, visit the marina or other places of interest, a presentation at the local theatre or cinema, shopping trips, play bingo in the local social club, attend church or religious meetings, or simply go for walks and enjoy the local amenities.


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Coastal Location

Being on the Sea Front, we are able to enjoy the calming influence of the North Sea, completely unobstructed from within our Lounge area.

Indeed, we also have rooms available that provide miles of North Sea View.


General Information

In addition to the long established, high quality Residential Care currently available, we also provide care and accomodation for the Elderly Mentally Infirmed (EMI) in particular, for anyone living with dementia.



Music Evenings

We often invite entertainers and musicians to our home, details can be found in our News section.


Friends and family are very welcome to all of our events.

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